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PM invites foreign experts to assess documents of Prof Muhammad Yunus

Update : 29 Aug 2023, 23:25

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday invited foreign experts and lawyers to assess and scrutinize the documents submitted against Professor Muhammad Yunus whether there were any injustice or inconsistency or wrong prosecution, otherwise law will take its own course.

The premier made this invitation at a media briefing as more than 160 global leaders including more than 100 Nobel Laureates in an open letter to the Prime Minister asking her to suspend the current judicial proceedings against Prof Yunus immediately.

"I call upon those who have made this statement to send experts, lawyers and examine all the documents submitted against him (Prof Yunus) in the court to see whether there was any injustice or inconsistency. Otherwise our country has laws, courts, labor laws, labor courts and laws will take its own course," she said.

Sheikh Hasina said they (the dignitaries) should send the experts and lawyers to go through all the documents of their client to see if there is any wrongful prosecution.

"If they send the experts and lawyers, many more things will get revealed, which still remain untouched. Many such things will come out," she added.

The premier continued: "If the gentleman (Prof Yunus) has so much self-confidence that he didn't commit any crime then he wouldn't beg for a statement at international level."

The media briefing was held on her recent visit to Johannesburg in South Africa from August 22-26 to attend the "BRICS-Africa Outreach and BRICS Plus Dialogue" of the 15th BRICS Summit.

The Prime Minister said that the judiciary of the country is completely independent and moreover everything here goes according to the law of land.

She said: "If someone doesn't pay tax and embezzles the money of the workers, and in that circumstance if case is filed in the labour court on behalf of the workers, then do we have any ability to interfere and withdraw the case."

"And we don't even discuss about the ongoing cases in our country, because it is sub-judice," she said, adding, "There is a statement and demand from outside (country) to withdraw the case. Do I have any rights here; you say, who gives me this power? The judiciary is completely independent here."

She mentioned that regarding the labour law, Bangladesh has to listen lot at the international level, especially in the ILO.

Sheikh Hasina also referred to the country's company law, which stated that five percent of the dividend must be spent to the welfare of the workers.

"If anyone doesn't pay this dividend to the labourers and they file case in the court, and as the outcome of the case if they (labourers) are fired and then if they file a case again; is it the responsibility of ours," she said.

"So, those who are sitting there giving statements should send experts, lawyers instead," she said, adding, "Let them go through all the documents of their clients to see if there is any wrongdoing or wrongful prosecution."

The prime minister reminded that they have nothing to do with the case, as it is the jurisdiction of NBR to recover the money if there is tax evasion. "And paying taxes is the responsibility of all citizens."

"What is done with tax evaders in Europe, America or UK?" she posed a question.

The prime minister said participatory election means to her is the participation of people.

She said the people will cast their votes in the election and those who will be elected in the election will come to the power.

"Whose participation ...... to say participation now? Is it the votes of thieves or robbers? Or is it the participation of corrupts, money launderers, August 21 grenade attackers, killers of Father of the Nation and war criminals of 1971? Is it the people want?" she said.

Sheikh Hasina said it is absurd that the election would be valid only when they join it and otherwise it wouldn't be.

BNP got only 30 seats in the 2008 national election and since then, they actually don't participate in elections anymore, rather they did just business by selling nominations, she said.

"Didn't the people participate in the local government elections and many parliamentary by-elections spontaneously? People have participated in these polls. So, these were the participatory," she said.

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