Sat, 02 December 2023
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Putin blames US for Middle East crisis

Update : 31 Oct 2023, 08:22

Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the United States and for what he called "deadly chaos" in the Middle East.

"Who is organizing the deadly chaos and who benefits from it today, in my opinion, has already become obvious. ... It is the current ruling elites of the US and their satellites who are the main beneficiaries of world instability," Putin said in a televised statement.

The Russian leader said the key to resolving the Middle Eastern conflict was the creation of a sovereign, independent, full-fledged Palestinian state.

He also accused Western intelligence agencies and Ukraine of helping to foment unrest in Dagestan, where a mob stormed an airport Sunday night in search of passengers who had just arrived from Israel.

Putin called on Russian law enforcement to take "firm, timely and clear actions to protect Russia's constitutional order, the rights and freedoms of our citizens, interethnic and interreligious harmony."

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