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Ganatantra Mancha urges voters to boycott lopsided polls

Update : 21 Dec 2023, 19:11

Ganatantra Mancha, an opposition platform for parties opposed to election under the incumbent government, today (Thursday) called upon the country’s people to take to the streets and boycott the ‘ones-sided’ election to be held on January 7.

Zonayed Saki, a top leader of the platform and chief coordinator of Ganosamhati Andolon, made the call while speaking at a rally in front of the Jatiya Press Club in Dhaka.

“No patriotic people of Bangladesh can vote in an election for snatching voting rights. If we have even the least bit of commitment to the present and future of Bangladesh and to the citizens of the country and the present generation, then none of us can support this vote. We can’t justify this vote," he said.

The Ganosamhati Andolon leader also said the people of Bangladesh are faced with a terrible situation.

“All the people have to now take to the streets by forging a greater unity for the sake of the country. Let's all come to the field from our respective positions…the throne of this repressive regime will fall apart if a greater unity of people is forged in the field,” he said.

Saki said it is high time for the country’s people to strongly resist the government with courage  to save the country and restore the voting rights of the people.

“I would like to tell the people that this country belongs to all of us. There’s a call to protect the country. So you don't have time to sit idle anymore. They (govt) can shoot and intimidate us, but they can't kill all of us. Pakistan army could not do that. So, this Awami League government which has lost the ground under its feet has no power to subdue us. We must boycott a joke in the name of election on January 7,” he said.

Ganatantra Mancha organised the rally protesting the one-sided election and demanded the resignation of the Awami League government to pave the way for holding a credible election under a non-party administration.

Later, the leaders and workers of the platform brought out a procession towards Motijheel.

Saki urged people from all walks of life not to cooperate with the current illegal regime which is arranging a farcical election by snatching people’s voting rights. “Our mass campaign and mass processions will continue. We’ll announce even bigger programmes in the future.”

He also alleged that the government has taken a strategy to suppress its opponents by killing people through torching trains and shifting the blame onto the opposition parties.

 "I tell the government that you carried out these acts of sabotage in the past. People now don't believe this blame game anymore. People have understood that your main purpose is to persecute the opposition. You did the acts of sabotage to put the blame on the opposition and arrest the opposition leaders and workers through a crackdown,” he said.

Saki alleged that the government is using the members of different agencies to carry out acts of sabotage like torching trains and vehicles.

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