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The process cannot be interrupted

Update : 17 Jan 2022, 13:22

Landport, seaport and airport have always played an important role in any country's economic development. Especially in the context of increasing trade and human communication between Bangladesh and the northeastern part of India, the busyness of Tamabil port in Sylhet has increased many times.

Our import-export trade with Bhutan also work through this port. Various products including stone, limestone, coal, onion are imported from India through this port. Fish, bricks, cement, fabrics, plastics, melamine and various consumer goods also export through this port. And the seasonal fruits are mainly imported from Bhutan. The importance of this port has increased with the inclusion of the Sylhet-Tamabil road in the Asian Highway. But recently this important land port has seen a breakthrough, which is not desirable at all.

According to the newspaper report, the import has been stopped for more than a week at Tamabil port in Gowainghat upazila of Sylhet. Thousands of trucks are stuck on the other side due to this. The government has lost about 4 crore taka in revenue. Every day revenue is losing about half a crore taka, while 5 thousand workers have become unemployed for this.

Basically, a kind of artificial crisis has been created since October last year. There has been some complication in the weighing of goods at the port since the introduction of automation system. In the past, the weight of a product was measured with a tape measure. Now in Bangladesh part the weight is being measured by machine; but in the Indian port of Dauki, the weight is being measured in the old-fashioned way, as in the past. The traders of our country are angry over the weight loss due to these two types of transactions.Even, the government is also incurring losses due to non-receipt of desired amount for port tariff Traders have stopped importing after the auto SMS software system was fully launched at Tamabil port on January 8. They say that they also want the advancement of port digitization system But it will not work if it is unilateral It will be bilateral That means automation system will have to be introduced in India also In that case, there will be no controversy over it.

The solution is not to disrupt or shut down the digitization process Instead, it is necessary to start talks with India and Bhutan quickly. As we are ahead of India in various socio-economic indicators, the country is also in the forefront in bringing port activities under digitalization. If the weight is measured by automation method, it will be difficult to take shelter of irregularities and corruption So the decision taken by the Bangladesh government is certainly commendable.

No matter how much pressure there is, this decision should not be taken lightly. We think that India and Bhutan should also take immediate steps to introduce automation in their respective ports. In this case, Bangladesh should immediately start diplomatic activities. This is good for all three countries If necessary, mutual technical assistance should be provided.

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