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Lack of coordination in government service work is not desirable

Update : 26 Jan 2022, 13:25

The Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Co-operatives is constructing a multi-storey building in a part of Azimpur Colony in the capital. Government officials are living in another part of the colony. But there is no coordination with WASA and Titas  in development work.

During the construction of the new building, the emergency civil service pipeline is getting disconnected.  Daily gas, and water supply is disrupted due to line rupture several times. But since it was not repaired soon, the government officials and their families are suffering. WASA alleges that Public Works is carrying out this development work without any coordination with them.

And the department of of Local Government, Rural Development & Co-operatives say that they have tried to communicate with other organizations; but they are not cooperating in this regard. For this, the residents of the government colony are suffering due to the tension between the two government agencies. They demanded an immediate solution to the problem.

There are many things to think about from this short report published in Ittefaq. Unplanned digging of roads in different metropolises including the capital, not completing the work on time after digging, abandonment or not repairing the road at the end of the work, etc. increase the suffering of the city dwellers in various ways including traffic congestion. But no such effort to alleviate the suffering of the people is usually observed.

Today, government officials and their families are facing the same problem. Surprisingly, even in a small colony there is a lack of coordination in government work. The way the issue has been covered in the media, the helplessness of the government officials has come to the fore. The allegations made by the public works here should also be taken into account. No the question is if they have communicated, why shouldn't they be helped?

Beautiful multi-storied accommodation has already been arranged for government officials at Tolarbagh, Mirpur. Similarly, old buildings are being demolished in Azimpur Colony and new multi-storied buildings are being constructed for government officials. As government officials are still living these buildings, what's the need to create problems for them?

It is often seen that one government department is exchanging letters with another department day after day. Even a small matter is often not quickly decided. The child who is born with this problem is not solved even at a young age in the workplace. Third world countries cannot reach the pinnacle of development because of this indecision and lack of coordination. In many cases, speedy money or bribe is required to get the job done quickly.  And only then the problem is solved quickly.

It is unfortunate that even after so many years of independence, there is no coordination in government service in our country. We see digging in the streets and alleys of different cities, including the capital. Roads are being dug for the benefit of various services including City Corporation, Electricity, Internet, WASA, DPDC, BTRC, DESCO, Titas. But due to lack of coordination, digging was done more than once on the same road.
In many cases, the policy of the city corporation is not followed. As a result, the city dwellers have to suffer endlessly. Therefore, following the policy, those responsible for mismanagement of construction should be identified and brought under the law. One stop coordination cell or monitoring cell need to be made effective and dynamic. Moreover, all the agencies engaged in providing services to the city dwellers including the traffic police can be brought under the concerned city corporation in order to solve this problem.

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