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Hundreds wed at Valentine's Day ceremony in Mexico

Update : 15 Feb 2022, 15:17

More than 660 couples participated in a mass wedding on February 14 in a populous suburb of Mexico City.

The massive ceremony, which the municipality of Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl -east of the Mexican capital has organized every year since 2013, is an opportunity for thousands of couples to regularize their unions and gain access to various legal benefits.

Although the massive wedding subtracts intimacy at the moment, it grants in exchange some facilities such as receiving their marriage certificates at no cost, explains María Darinka Rendón, secretary of the city council of that municipality.

“Bringing together 661 families (has been) quite a challenge, but above all the commitment that each one has in some cases to renew (the votes) and in others to commit,” the official told AFP.

Rendón points out that mass marriage is “a very emotional event, for the spouses, for the families themselves and for us who are going to witness” the union.

One of the oldest and most excited couples with the commitment is the one made up of Francisco Calvo, a 74-year-old merchant, and Rosalba Silva, a 67-year-old housewife, two widowers who met five years ago and decided to become engaged in 2021.

“I thought that there was no other opportunity for me, but love came because love came,” says Rosalba, smiling and sitting next to her new husband.



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