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Empowering the Next Generation of Bangladesh Leaders

Update : 10 Jun 2023, 12:06

Augmedix was founded in 2012 with a mission to revolutionize healthcare through technology that would enable doctors to provide better care for their patients.

A tech company dedicated to helping others, Augmedix’s greatest strength lies within its own people, a group of dynamic and highly motivated individuals who have come together with the goal of changing the way that healthcare is delivered. The company believes in its team members, providing them not only with competitive salaries and great benefits but also with an environment where they can discover their strengths. Eager to nurture and grow talent within its own ranks, Augmedix is an ideal place for those aspiring to become leaders in their respective fields. Augmedix brings a culture of collaboration and communication to Bangladesh with managers applying global best practices while providing mentorship for their team members. These team members are encouraged to learn from these practices, while being given the tools and freedom to grow and take ownership of their work. 

As a Silicon Valley company with offices around the world, including Bangladesh, technology is at the heart of everything Augmedix does. Mohammad Arman joined as a software engineer in 2015, excited at the prospect of working with the latest innovations in software and artificial intelligence. He rose through the ranks as a software developer, taking on more responsibilities and getting opportunities to prove his leadership capabilities. In 2018, Arman was promoted to his first management role, becoming a leader for the Android and Streaming Teams. 

“Augmedix has a very well-defined career path for each of the departments. People who perform well get rewarded with different awarding programs. It also arranges workshops for its employees to guide them through their career objectives and goals so that we can foster our professional growth.” Today, as a senior manager, Arman puts his engineering and leadership skills to use managing three teams—Android, iOS and Media/Streaming. His duties include hiring engineering resources, training and managing them while also collaborating with various other departments to serve engineering solutions to any given problems.

Finance and Accounting are an integral part of an organization, and this is especially true for a start up where every dollar is valued. Starting in 2015 as a finance associate, Syed Ahasan Ul Alam has seen Augmedix transition from a start up with a small team to becoming a publicly traded company on NASDAQ. From the beginning, Ahasan has embraced every opportunity to expand his knowledge and actively looked to improve his skill set. From managing the accounts payable for the US office to equity and cap table management, he immersed himself in every facet of his department. “Don't try to avoid work. If you can get your hands on different things it will ultimately help you to grow and learn more.”

Today, Ahasan serves as the manager of finance and accounting, looking after the BD and India finance teams as well as being an integral part of the company’s global financial reporting and analysis team. His advice for anyone looking to make a career in finance can be summed up in one phrase: “As a finance professional, always try to find the "why" behind any changes. Don't just perform the number analysis, find the reason behind the movement.”

At the heart of Augmedix lies the operations department, the team that manages the hundreds of scribes, known at Augmedix as Medical Documentation Specialists, who comprise the bulk of the company’s team members. This department contains a host of different jobs and responsibilities and as the team continues to rapidly grow, the need for good leaders also grows. Most of the managers and leads originally began as scribes, and have found opportunities for their career to blossom as the company continues to grow. 

Beginning her career as a scribe, Syeda Tahmina Binte Rashid was quickly recognized for her talents and became a scribe trainer after just six months. Continuing to prove herself as a trainer over the next several years, Tahmina was soon presented with a different opportunity—working on the new Augmedix Notes product, where she became an operations lead. “The dynamic leadership of Augmedix values talents and they focus on fostering a diversified environment which is the key to success. Augmedix nurtures talent while providing an environment of collaboration and professional development.” By 2023, Tahmina’s journey led her to becoming an ast manager for quality & performance, a department that ensures Augmedix quality standards are met and customer satisfaction is high. Her journey highlights just one of the many diverse career paths a scribe can take at Augmedix.

Like Tahmina, Mohammed Abdul Hannan Russell also began his journey at Augmedix as a scribe, drawn by the prospect of working for a US-based tech company. He soon found his hard work and dedication being rewarded as he became part of a small team to launch a pilot project for a new product, Augmedix Notes, originally known as NRT (non-real-time). Successfully executing the pilot led to Augmedix adopting the product on a larger scale and reaching a new customer base. “ I made it a point to jump at every opportunity that was given to me, and in many instances I sought out opportunities. I did not limit myself to thinking that I lack experience or this is not something that I am expected to do. Rather, I told myself, ‘why not me?’” Today Hannan serves as an operations manager, overseeing the entire NRT operations and managing a team of over 100 scribes. Seeing his career at Augmedix grow tremendously, Hannan credits a large part of his success to the work culture fostered at the company. “The work environment and culture at Augmedix can best be described as nurturing. We walk into the office every day and leave our egos outside. We encourage everyone to challenge the status quo and drive change.”

Speak with any manager from Augmedix and it will become apparent what separates this organization from most others—their work culture and leadership. The company has seen rapid growth over the last few years, and many of its managers and leaders have come from within its own ranks. To succeed at Augmedix, one has to be open to learning new things, adapt to situations and opportunities, collaborate with others and take ownership of their work. In the current fast paced global economy, it's these very qualities that are sought out in corporate leaders. By providing young graduates with the opportunity to to learn and grow in a dynamic environment, Augmedix is setting the benchmark for managers and paving the way for the future corporate leaders of Bangladesh.

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