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Ukrainian refugee in Germany tell her story 

Update : 01 Jun 2022, 14:31

Since Russia launched a full-scale military invasion into Ukraine on February 24, many Ukrainian fled by crossing the country's border in search of safety. Many family had made a desperate escape from the city after heavy Russian bombardments. Two Ukrainian sisters, Taya (15) and Yana (18) along with their family members also left Ukraine as Russia pounded the capital of Kyiv and other cities with airstrikes and fortunately they arrived in Leipzig, Germany.

Now they both are admitted to a local school. Yana's shares her experience with the daily Ittefaq through an email.

According to Yana, "It was 6:32 in the morning. Alarm was not usual that day: many people were awakened with sirens sounds but I was awakened by a phone call from my mother. “Yana, pack your necessary clothes, the war had started”. Unexpected noise with just a few words changed life of the entire nation. From that moment time stopped. Life stopped. Thoughts were messed up, crowded roads, queues in groceries and drug stores… No routine, no future…,".

"Sitting in the cold shelter and shaking in fear of being buried alive, I wasn’t sure that tomorrow would come. On the second day of war Russian troops were already in the capital of Ukraine, in my hometown, Kyiv. It was time to decide: whether stay covered in fear and nothingness or try to escape from your own fate. Should you leave your country to save your life and your future or stay in the city trying to help risking your life and not being a burden for your troops at the same time? We decided to leave for our future. It was difficult to make such an abrupt decision but I think we did what we had to do. And now I’m here trying to accept my new reality," she continued.

"I could never imagine that enormous amount of kindness and compassion from people who live here. I was warmly welcomed in German school so now I can continue my education,  speak with people and peacefully walk on the streets. It seems like life, that was interrupted and borrowed, were given a second chance not only to exist in the certain moment of life but also feel that it’s prolonged safety for the future. Though no matter how good and loved you feel yourself nothing feels like home here. The idea of always being extra fill out all the inner thoughts. Nothing is fully yours: no home, no friends, no freedom you act like you have to and talk when you’re asked. The feeling of being just a burden captures the soul. Now everything that I have is understanding that nothing will ever be as it was, and all that I need is to face challenges with the smile on my face. My mom is also happy because there will be no hassle with papers ,"  Yana stated.

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