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Freshen up your skincare routine for spring

Update : 19 Feb 2022, 15:04

After a long, cold winter, we are finally starting to warm up and the sun has been shining. When spring breeze is going strong, it dehydrates the skin and can cause windburn, which makes skin appear dull, more wrinkly, and it can become itchy. We rounded up some tips that work effectively in your skincare routine for spring.

Lighten your load
If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you’ll want to consider making the change to a gel-based moisturizer, which is generally lighter weight and less likely to plug pores than those formulated with oil. 

Exfoliation is key

Exfoliation will bring a fresh layer of skin to the surface. Your complexion will be brighter, and there’s the added benefit that your skin-care products will be more readily absorbed, and thus will work better. Gentle chemical-based exfoliants are less likely to cause irritation compared with harsh scrubs. If you’ve been using a creamy cleanser, switch to a cleanser with alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids. Look for glycolic or lactic acid; those with salicylic acid are best for acne-prone complexions.

Invest in after sun care

Prevention is the always the better cure. However, if you DO end up getting sunburnt, you’ll want to apply something soothing and nourishing ASAP.

Keeping sunburnt skin moisturised will not only help heal blistering faster, but also reduce the chance of infection and scarring.


Wearing sunscreen is one of the most obvious ways to combat long term skin damage. Make sure you buy an oil-free sunscreen with broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher protection. Broad spectrum sunscreen covers both UVA and UVB rays so you’re protected from both sunburns and longer term damage.

Apply sunscreen every morning and reapply it again before any outdoor activity during the day. You can also buy sport sunscreen that is sweatproof and waterproof. The sunscreen won’t drip into your eyes and need reapplying halfway through a long run.

Eye cream

Eye cream may sound like something you don't need until you're older, but it's smart to start using it now as an investment in your future skin. The skin around your eye is incredibly thin.

Use BB cream as foundation base
The secret to achieving a flawless, glass-like complexion is applying foundation, primer, and moisturizer products on your face daily. Sadly, not everyone has the luxury of following this three-step routine on a daily basis. It’s a convenient, all-in-one beauty product that will give you the perfect complexion, no matter what season it is.

Each pea-sized drop of BB cream is loaded with enough antioxidants to hydrate, polish, and revitalize your skin all at once. The cream also evens out your skin tone and covers up acne marks, blemishes, and pimples.

Bring a facial mist wherever you go
Spraying facial mist is a quick, effective way to cleanse and refresh your skin when you’re outside. This is especially important where dirt, pollen, and pollution are prevalent. The best options to use are ones with antibacterial and antioxidant properties.


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