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Nutrition benefits of chickpeas

Update : 05 Mar 2022, 13:05

Chickpeas, commonly known as chhola in Bangla are part of the legume family. It is a rich source of vitamins, iron, fiber, and minerals, chickpeas offer a variety of health benefits, like improving digestion, aiding weight management, cleansing blood which enhances your skin, and fights with several other diseases.

It is also called garbanzo beans, are a type of pulse, which are edible seeds in the legume family. Chickpeas have been grown and eaten since ancient times, with historical records showing chickpeas were around since before 3000 BC. Today, they’re widely enjoyed and readily available around the world.  Let’s find out their secret benefits.

Promotes heart health

Chickpeas are widely enjoyed and readily available around the world

Chickpeas are high in fiber, containing 16% of your daily needs in one half-cup serving. About one-third of the fiber in chickpeas is soluble fiber, making it a heart-healthy food. Studies have shown that people who eat fiber-rich diets typically have a reduced risk of heart disease.3

May help prevent some cancers

Several of the nutrients and compounds in chickpeas may protect against certain kinds of cancer. Fiber: Protective against colorectal cancer3, Butyrate: Protective against colorectal cancer4, Saponins: Protective against multiple types of cancer5, B vitamins: Protective against breast and lung cancers.

Regulates blood sugar

Chickpeas, like other legumes, contain resistant starch that slows down the digestion of carbohydrates. Some resistant starch is not digested in the small intestine at all. 

Including fiber-rich food in your diet can greatly contribute to weight loss. Fiber-rich foods reduce the appetite and make people feel fuller for a longer time which eventually lowers the calorie intake.

A cure for skin problems

Chickpeas work as a cure for skin problems if consumed without salt. It is also used to make besan which is excellent for skin care and will give you a flawless, glowing skin.

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