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Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation promotes master chef Kishwar

Update : 24 Mar 2022, 12:31

Australian born Bangladeshi master chef Kishwar Chowdhury, who has won millions of hearts with her Bengali dishes, has recently arrived in Dhaka. She came first time in Dhaka at the invitation of Durjoy Foundation to intoxicate the people of Dhaka with her world-famous recipe.

Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation regularly organizes various programs to popularize the local culture, tradition and fine arts in the country and abroad. At the invitation of the foundation's founding director Durjoy Rahman and his wife Sania Ahsan, Kishwar cooked with foreign ingredients and various regional ingredients of Bangladesh in an open kitchen at the Prego Restaurant at the five-star hotel, The Westin Dhaka on March 19. A total 115 guests at the invitation of Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation get a chance to taste the cuisine.

“I am sure all of you are going to enjoy Kishwar's culinary skills today, she brought Bangladesh to the world map once again with just that, and it is with pride that we present her creativity to the Dhaka crowd," stated Durjoy Rahman.

Chef Kishwar Chowdhury’s reimagined menus include new signature dishes and unique twists on traditional comfort foods to keep guests of every age and palate satisfied. The menu starts with fuchka filled with beetroots, micro herb and feta creme, were served to the guests. The taste was just scrumptious. 

Yellow-tailed Hamachi appeared on the table after the fuchka.  Star fruit and pepper berry in green water are peeking under the fish.

Then came a dish with bottle gourd and scallops, complement with Miso Butter, Japanese Nori and Adamame and Onion Cauliflower. Followed by special term made up of  foie gras, bone marrow, osso bucco and native jam. As soon as you put that freshly removed paste from the stove, it melted like butter and spread all over your mouth.

Dessert helps, as always. Sweet drink with fennel flavored ice cream, coconut, dates, sweet fennel and molasses caramel. Kishwar named 'Love letter to Dhaka'. The ice cream, which is 100% perfect in taste, served in the grand finale of the masterchef. Those who have followed Kishwar in Masterchef Australia know that the judges also praised the food.

Last but not the least was 'mishti paan' (the sweet betel leaf), which consists of fennel ice-cream with toasted coconut, dates, candied fennel and jaggery caramel all sitting on a fresh betel leaf. It’s best for the final flavor of the city’s fullest local experience to be.

Kishwar is an incredibly talented chef who values consistency as the foundation of a diner’s experience – simple, refined dishes perfectly executed every time. 

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