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Rain-proof your hair

Update : 07 Aug 2022, 15:29

Monsoon season is here and although it is super fun to enjoy the rains with your favourite cup of tea, it's also difficult to manage our mane due to increased humidity.

Your hair may seem dull and unhealthy due to the humid monsoon weather. The hair follicles become sensitive to hydrogen during the monsoons, causing the roots to swell and the cuticles to dry up, resulting in frizz, dryness, and split ends. Here are few tips and tricks to not let the rain tamper with your perfect locks.

Ensure your hair is dry

Try to keep your hair protected by not staying in the rain for too long. If you can, try to keep your hair dry unless you’re caught in a heavy downpour.

While you comb your hair, ensure that your hair is not wet and use a wide-tooth comb to avoid hair breakage.

Use serum

Use a leave-in serum regularly as it aids in controlling frizz, provides instant moisture to the hair, and helps induce shine. Look out for serums that contain smoothing agents to provide a long-lasting and create an anti-humidity shield that controls the hair and keeps it frizz-free.

Get rid of frizzy hair

The combination of warm weather and wet conditions has resulted in extreme levels of humidity that is causing frizziness and wreaking havoc with our hair styling.

Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air. Too much moisture can breaks down the hydrogen bonds in our hair, causing the strands to swell and dry in a wavy, misshapen way.

Moisture flux in the hair is actually the very cause of frizz and the outer layer of hair absorbs moisture, especially in a humid environment) which causes hair to swell.

Nobody is interested to embrace frizz. The best way to get rid of it is to choose nourishing oils that cocoon each individual strand and protect it from absorbing any moisture from the air. Coconut oil, argan oil and castor oil are all great conditioning treatment alternatives. Argon Oil is especially excellent to hydrate and nourish the hair. It helps restore and smooth the cuticle and strengthens the hair by repairing damage to cuticle membranes, which helps to combat frizz.

Invest in a good shampoo

Make sure to use a mild shampoo which deep cleanses your scalp to remove any residue left behind by rain water. Investing in a good shampoo goes a long way in nourishing your hair and preventing bacterial infections.

Dry shampoo is king

Dry shampoo really is the best way to get rid of stickiness and add volume to your hair at the last moment. Stash a can in your desk drawer and spritz it on when needed.

Good old hair massage

If you want to keep your hair protected from the rainy season, massage your hair with oil. The oil will not only nourish your hair but also keep it moisturised and soft. Hair oil naturally provides the moisture your dry and brittle hair strands need.

Add volume

Volume starts and ends at the roots. If the elements have flattened your hair, resetting the roots is the main way to achieve a fuller look. Take a hairdryer (with nozzle attached) and, beginning at the parting, dry the root in the opposite direction to which the hairs naturally fall. Your hair's finish will differ depending on the brush you choose, like a paddle brush minimises volume, whereas a round brush will encourage it. Opt for the round brush.

Hold off on tying

Let your hair loose especially when it’s wet. If you must tie your hair then opt for loose bun or ponytail. By tying your hair especially after taking a shower under the rain you’re allowing the dirty rain water to penetrate in your hair and scalp which is unhealthy and harmful for your hair and health.

Keep your hair covered

The best way to protect your hair is to keep it covered. Try investing in a waterproof jacket or rain coat, if you live where there is heavy rain only during a specific time of the year, invest in good caps to keep it safe from rain water as much as possible.



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