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Effective home remedies for irregular periods in teenage

Update : 08 Aug 2022, 13:57

Having an irregular period during puberty is normal and something that parents shouldn't be too concerned about if their daughter is not showing any other signs of health problems - headaches, pain, etc. Menstruation can start and stop for many reasons, one of them being the start of puberty and growth spurts.

When girls first start their period, a lot of unusual things can happen, like getting her period every other week, not getting her period for 2 months or getting her period for a longer time. This is a normal part of puberty, the cycle is getting ready to become just that, a cycle and it can take up to 2 years to be a steady cycle, for some woman it never does. She may just be a girl who is going to have a heavy period to deal with, which is something she will have to talk to her daughter about. As she gets older there are options she can take to control it, like oral contraceptives.

If she is showing no other signs, like being extremely lethargic, getting sick to her stomach and such, just keep an eye on her, although calling your doctor to get an opinion is always a good idea. There are some home remedies that you can try at home to get your cycle back on track. They are as follows –


Cumin is loaded with a number of health benefits. Soaked cumin can be used in the treatment of irregular period. Take 2 spoons of cumin seeds and soak in water over night and drink both in the morning. You need to drink this water every day to get your periods regularised.

Make sure you’re getting enough fats

Consuming enough fats may support hormone levels and ovulation. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) appear to make the most difference. Common sources include: salmon, vegetable oils, walnuts, flax seeds

Take more folate

Folate is said to promote regular ovulation and increased progesterone levels in the second half of the menstrual cycle. This may support fertility. Current recommendations are 400 micrograms (mcg) daily. Your doctor may suggest 800 mcg or more depending on your health history.


Pineapple is full of an enzyme called bromelain, which might have the power to soften your uterus and regulate your periods. It’s not scientifically proven yet, but bromelain has a reputation for soothing period pain too.

Ginger tea 

Ginger is beneficial for different diseases and symptoms, including irregular periods. Regular consumption of raw ginger can help to regulate your periods. Ginger contains gingerol that helps lower inflammation in the body. It helps in contracting the uterine muscles and facilitates hormonal balance. It standardizes the monthly occurrence of periods. Drinking a glass of hot ginger tea with a bit of lemon juice and a dash of honey, either on an empty stomach in the morning or the evening, promotes metabolism. 

Unripe papaya

Unripe papaya is well-known for its action on irregular periods. It enhances your uterine contraction that helps occur during your periods. Consume unripe papaya juice regularly for a few months but do not drink it during your periods.


Jaggery is sweet and has a lot of medicinal properties. Regular consumption of jaggery may help regulate irregular periods. It also helps in reducing uterine cramps.


Turmeric can do anything. It is a magical home remedy that we can use in any condition. Regular consumption of jaggery may help regulate irregular periods. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties that help in reducing uterine cramps. If you want to prepone your periods naturally, try having turmeric with warm milk and honey. Take it daily till you get your periods. 

Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera juice is an excellent remedy to regulate your menses and reduce excess weight. It also enhances your metabolism and keeps your gut system healthy. Aloe Vera helps to correct your hormonal imbalance and treat your menstrual irregularities. But never use Aloe Vera during periods. It may increase uterine contractions. 

Apple cider vinegar 

Consuming apple cider vinegar can help you regularize your periods and hormones in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. You may also lose weight and lower blood sugar and insulin levels. 

Apple cider vinegar is bitter, so you can consume it by mixing it with honey to neutralize the bitter taste.


Cinnamon is essential in our kitchen as well as in our health. It helps regulate the blood flow to the uterus and may treat irregular periods. It may reduce abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting during periods. 

For best results, add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a glass of milk and consume it. 


Consuming beetroot may help deal with irregular period problems and their symptoms. Beetroot contains a high amount of folic acids and iron that help increase haemoglobin level in the blood. It also works as an emmenagogue.

Consuming a healthy diet 

Unhealthy eating habit is one of the causes of irregular periods. Eating fast food, processed food, and alcohol may cause a hormonal imbalance in the body that may lead to irregular periods. You should make sure that your diet includes green vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, red meat, fish, and foods that give you complete nutrients regularly.

Regular exercise and yoga 

Regular exercise has many benefits, and regularizing periods is one of them. It helps maintain your weight and keep the balance in your hormones. In polycystic ovarian syndrome, a woman may lead to gain unnecessary weight gain that causes hormonal imbalance. Doing regular workouts may solve this problem. 

Yoga also has been beneficial to balance your mind and body. It keeps your body and minds calm. Research suggests that yoga helps reduce menstrual pain and emotional symptoms associated with menstruation, such as depression and anxiety, and improves the quality of life in women with primary dysmenorrhea.


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