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How to dry clothes fast in rainy day?

Update : 04 Oct 2022, 15:10

Fall is here, but rainy day is not over yet. Rain  can quickly mess up your laundry routine. 

Clothes take longer to dry in rainy days and when kept damp for a long time, they can emit unpleasant odors. Caring for your clothes can be very tricky when the weather has become unpredictable. Here are some useful tips and hacks that will help you do your laundry efficiently even when the problem keeps pouring in!

Clothes-drying rack 

Clothes drying racks not only look good but also provide a great convenience for air drying clothes inside

Make sure there is plenty of space on the rack between each item of clothing. Clothes will take much longer to dry without proper air circulation. Hang items like dresses and shirts on clothes hangers. This not only encourages good air circulation around the clothes, but it also means they will dry crease-free.

Use air conditioner or electric fan

When it rains, in order to avoid the heat indoors, many people will turn on the air conditioner, and then hang the clothes to be dried under the air conditioner or fan. The cold wind does make the clothes dry quickly, but in under humid weather, the inside of the air conditioner is prone to mould if it is not cleaned frequently. If the clothes are hung under the air-conditioning and blown directly, the clothes that have just been washed will be stained with bacteria. Squeeze out the excessive water from your clothes in a large towel before drying them in front of a fan.


You can blow dry your clothes easily with the help of a hair dryer. Remember, while heat does play a part in drying clothes, it is the air that mostly does the job. Set your hair dryer to high fan speed and low heat, and then use the dryer on the clothes.

Iron and towel method

This method is good for drying a couple of clothes that you require instantly. You need to place a dry tea towel on your ironing board, place the wet cloth you wish to dry over it neatly, and then cover the garment with a second tea towel. You must now iron edge-to-edge. The tea towels will protect the garment from direct heat and absorb excess moisture. The wet garment will come out dry and wrinkle-free.

Invest a washing machine

When washing clothes, do not overfill the washing machine. Soaking too many clothes together will leave them more damp at the end of the wash, at which point they will take longer to dry.
Go for a dryer

The dryer is your best friend during the rainy season. Investing in an efficient dryer may be your best bet to overcome the unstoppable monsoon, especially if you have a busy schedule. Always make sure the clothes are completely dry before collecting them from the dryer. This will help prevent mold and mildew from growing in areas with no air movement, such as closets and drawers, and helps the clothes stay fresher for longer.

Inside on a rack with a dehumidifier
Invest in a dehumidifier and use it when you are drying clothes. It will help your clothes to dry more quickly by reducing the humidity in the air. Running a dehumidifier next to the clothes rack adds cost, but the dehumidifier heats the room, creates a breeze to help the laundry dry, and sucks up moisture. 


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