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Bangladeshi model with hijab sets example for many

Update : 14 Dec 2022, 19:26

Sanjida Alam, who is a social media influencer, brand ambassador of various organizations, and aspiring computer engineer, is also a successful model. In our country, being a model and wearing a hijab is not something anyone can think of. Many girls had to give up their dream of becoming a model simply because they couldn't choose to model over hijab.

However, Sanjida Alam, who is also like them, never gave up on her dream of becoming a model and wearing a hijab at the same time. In 2014, she was rejected by several organizations because she refused to work without a hijab. Nevertheless, she did not give up her hope and worked harder for it. As the first step towards her goal, Sanjida began fashion blogging on Facebook.

She began blogging about hijab tutorials but later expanded to include abaya, burka, and jewelry. She is such an effective salesperson and influencer that all of the products she promoted continued to sell extremely well. She also opened her own Youtube channel, where she achieved the YouTube Silver Play Button for her hard work.

At first, not just the recruiting people were indifferent to her; even her family and surroundings were skeptical of her ability to achieve her goals. She overcame all adversity because of her unwavering determination to never give up. She currently has over 2.1 million followers on her social media Facebook Page named "Sanji Da," which sums up her level of fame.

However, studying Computer Science, working as a brand ambassador, modeling, and creating YouTube videos is not easy for her. Sometimes she works for 18 hours at a stretch per day. But, she doesn't mind because she is still striving for higher goals. She has also worked with over 500 national and international brands and received many awards.

Many of the organizations that were previously discouraged her to join the modeling industry later wanted to work with her. Sanjida is a perfect example of someone who was once rejected but later proved their value and ability. Since her life story is motivational, many girls got motivation to work harder to achieve their goals too.

She is always busy, working very hard on either studying or earning money and fame. She taught us that even if you are very talented, you still have to work harder for reaching to a higher position.

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