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Amazing health benefits of jaggery

Update : 14 Jan 2023, 13:34

Jaggery, also known as ‘Gur’ in Bangla, is quite a popular natural sweetener used as an alternative to sugar. It is essentially a type of unrefined sugar made primarily from raw, concentrated sugarcane juice that is boiled until it solidifies. 

Vitamins and minerals in jaggery make it healthier than white sugar. Nonetheless, it is still a type of sugar, and too much of it may harm a person's health. It has a lot of medicinal properties.

Various types of jaggery are available in the market that vary in colour, ranging from golden brown to dark brown.

Here are 15 jaggery benefits everyone should know about:

Improves immunity

Jaggery is rich in nutrients like zinc and also has antioxidants which work together to boost your immunity effectively and help your body fight diseases naturally, thereby keeping you healthy during the winters.

Removes anemia

Iron is found in abundance in jaggery, which helps in increasing the blood in the body. If you are suffering from anemia, then definitely consume jaggery in the food. Eating it helps in the formation of red blood cells in your body.

Treatment of joint pain

Many doctors recommend jaggery in the regular diet of a person with joint pain. It is an excellent source of calcium. Therefore, when jaggery is combined with milk, you can already guess the wonders it will work. This superfood helps in strengthening your bones, prevention of joint pain, and prevent diseases such as arthritis.

Control blood pressure
As jaggery is loaded with potassium and sodium, it helps in maintaining the acid levels of your body, which in turn, helps in maintaining the blood pressure. A well maintained blood pressure keeps you away from several other health issues including cardiovascular diseases.

Prevents respiratory problems
The solution for curing respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis lies in your kitchen. Develop a habit to consume jaggery mixed with sesame seeds on a regular basis, it will act as a nutritional boon for your body and help prevent respiratory issues.

Detoxify body

It detoxifies the body by cleansing the lungs, respiratory tract, stomach, intestines, and food pipe. It also purifies the blood.

Treats cough and cold

Jaggery has natural properties that treat cough and cold. It soothes the throat and reduces irritation. Jaggery can be eaten raw or mixed with warm water or tea. It also works well for migraines and headaches.

Reduces risk of certain diseases

Jaggery has various antioxidants that help the nervous system function properly. It also reduces the risk of nervous disorders. Jaggery uses are linked to a lower risk of certain forms of cancer, reduced signs of ageing, and a lower risk of dementia.

Aids in digestion

Jaggery stimulates the release of digestive enzymes. It also reduces the risk of digestion-related disorders.

Treats urinary problems

Jaggery is a natural diuretic, meaning it stimulates urination. It also reduces bladder swelling and other urinary disorders.

Regulates bowel movement

It regulates bowel movement. It prevents problems such as constipation, flatulence, indigestion, etc.

Eases menstrual pain

Jaggery relieves cramps and stomach aches related to the menstrual cycle. It also helps in premenstrual syndrome (PMS) from fluctuations in hormone levels.

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