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6 signs of a selfish person

Update : 11 Mar 2023, 02:51

Selfishness is never a quality of a person rather it is considered a negative side of a human being. If a person does not consider others, he will be deemed a selfish person. Self-centered people can be seen everywhere. But, there is hardly anyone who likes a selfish person. It is very important to identify a selfish person as you need to be aware of him or her. When you choose a friend or a life partner, you should avoid the selfish one. You will never be happy in a relationship if your partner is self-centered. There are some basic signs of a selfish person. Let’s have a look at the signs…

Not compromising:

Selfish people are not compromising at all. They don’t want to understand others’ needs or necessities. They don’t care if someone suffers due to his/her acts. Selfish people think that it is their right to get whatever they want. Such mentality makes them different than others.


Selfish people are self-centered. They don’t bother about the people around them, especially about their near and dear ones. Own interest gets the top priority to them. They always want to think about themselves. They don’t remember that they are also a part of society and they have some social responsibilities.


Selfish people are usually very arrogant. They cannot be friends with others easily. They believe in their interest and benefit. No relation can be built up thinking such things. Arrogance leads people to a dark world. Selfishness leads one to arrogance.


Selfish people are less kind or even unkind to others. They think they have no responsibility to their family, friends, or society. They often forget that kindness or being generous to others is a great virtue. They don’t do charity or show humanity, and empathy to others. They want to be confined in his/her personal life.

Ask for favors:

Selfish people always ask for favors from others. But, they forget that it can be reciprocal. They become very selfish when someone else asks for a favor from them. They know how to take but they don’t know how to return it. It is a very bad side of a selfish person. Selfish people don’t come forward when you are in danger and you need help.

Lack of remorse:

Selfish people always lack remorse. They don’t regret any wrong deed done by them. They feel that they would not say sorry for their work. Selfish people don’t regret and rectify their wrongdoings. They become judgmental of others.

No one likes a selfish person. A selfish person is considered an unsocial and unkind person in society. So it is really important to do something good for others instead of thinking about yourself only.

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