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Frequent bathing during Summers can be harmful

Update : 19 Apr 2023, 17:24

Bathing is a refreshing activity for everyone during summer.  A ten-minute soak is always a good idea. It removes dirt and impurities from body.

Due to the scorching heat and soaring temperature in the summer season, we take baths more than once a day. However, bathing more than once a day can be harmful to our bodies. Frequent showers make our bodies vulnerable to infections, say experts.

A study conducted by the University of Utah say that washing too much can damage the human microbiome – the collection of essential bacteria and other microbes that live on your body. There are downsides to  showering too much.

1. During summer season excess temperature increase body heat that cause many health disorders like nose bleeding,indigestion,heat strokes etc .When you bath twice a day you can let out the heat.

2. As we wash, the protective layer of the skin loses its moisture. For this, when we step out, the heat and grime attack your skin even more harshly because it lacks that layer of moisture and our skin becomes prone to dryness, abrasion and sun allergy and it can be deeply affected by UV rays.

3. Healthy skin helps in maintaining the oil layer and good bacteria on the skin. At the same time, cleaning the skin with soap while taking a bath removes that layer. Therefore, experts recommend that you take bath only once a day so that the good bacteria present on your skin are not eliminated.

4.To make antibodies and increase immunity in the body, our immune system needs the right amount of common bacteria. That is why many doctors say that children should not take baths daily. Frequent bathing can affect the ability of our immune system to work properly.

5. Experts say that people who have skin problems should not take a bath for more than 5 minutes. They should not stay under the shower for more than a minute. Doing so can harm both your skin and hair.


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