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Look sassy this Eid

Update : 22 Apr 2023, 14:37

Eid is one of the biggest occasions that allow us to be at our festive best. But Eid in sweltering summer is a little difficult for women. Avoid experimenting with new approaches that you are unfamiliar with. 

At first, prep your skin at least one or two weeks prior to Eid. Try the following makeup tips-

Less is more

Keep the skin fresh and radiant while enhancing it a bit more by a touch of makeup. Prefer light and natural makeup. Light coverage foundation is enough. Evenly blend a light color foundation on your face according to your skin tone.  Apply a neutral pink blush onto your cheeks, with the help of brush; blend the blush-on by forming a “C shape” from your cheekbones up to your lower part of eye. Choose a soft eyelook, lip liner, pink nude lipstick and finish it all with a setting spray.

Avoid cakey makeup

Always prioritise your skin. When you have a well primed base, your other makeup products will follow. Choose a foundation that suits your skin type. For example if you have dry or textured skin, avoid matte or thick foundation. It’ll lead to the obvious cake-y looks. 

Avoid layering your foundation. A few dots here and there is enough. And only apply powder on a specific area, so that it’s easier to touch up when you sweat in the next hours. Same goes for concealers. Don’t overdo them.

Cakey makeup happens when you over-apply your foundation. Especially if you are struggling with dry skin. The key is to make sure your skin is well moisturised before you apply any liquid or cream products on top. For foundation, look for a full coverage product that can give the perfect coverage without having to apply too much of it. 

Loose powder and setting spray are key

Always set your makeup with a setting spray! Make sure you use a matte-finish setting spray instead of ones with a glowy-finish. You want to keep your makeup in place not to ‘illuminate’ your skin, so make sure you get the right setting spray. And carry loose powder and blotting paper inside your bag. 

Apply the right amount of moisturiser, choose the right primer, apply a very ‘suitable’ and proper amount of foundation and powder, and finish it off with a setting spray to ensure your makeup stays the whole day. 

Loose powder and setting spray are key to keep your makeup last all day. Loose powder will help to grip your cream or liquid-based products—locking them in place and preventing your base from creasing. While setting spray increases the lifespan of your makeup look. 


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